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 The first people who settled near the Somerville real estate market were a group of paleolithic people who settled near the area approximately 15,000 years ago. They lived in primitive homes that overlooked the Loosahatchie River. They also hunted small game that lived near their homes.

Other people who originally settled in the area included a group of Native Americans who belonged to the Archaic Cultural Group. They lived in the area for more than 7,000 years until they were pushed out of the area approximately 3,000 years ago by a group of Woodland Indians who belonged to the Mississippian Culture Group.

The descendants of these people were pushed out of the area by a group of Chickasaw during the 11th century. The Chickasaws established a thriving community that existed until a group of American settlers drove them from the area in the 1820s.

Many of these settlers converted Somerville properties into cotton farms that still play a role in Somerville's economy. Other settlers established stores and other businesses during the late 1820s after Somerville was established as Fayette County's county seat.

Somerville remained an isolated agricultural community until railroad service was established in the area in the 1850s. Many Somerville home buyers used the railroad for more than 75 years to ship cotton and to travel to the greater Memphis area.

Interest in Somerville TN homes increased in the 1970s when Memphis-area residents discovered Somerville's quiet atmosphere and affordable home prices. This discovery encouraged Memphis-area home builders to construct high-quality Somerville homes that were located near Somerville's downtown area.

Somerville homes for sale are now located in a quiet community that offers low crime rates, reasonable living costs and access to the Memphis area's most popular attractions. These benefits make real estate in Somerville a fantastic value for anyone who relocates to Tennessee's Fayette County.

For more information about the history of homes for sale in Somerville, please read "A History of Fayette County" by Dorothy Rich Morton.

Parks and Recreation 

div class="customContent">The Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department offers more than 40 recreational facilties that are open to Somerville-area residents. Some of the most popular facilities include a community center, the Wolf River Wildlife Corridor and 20 parks. 

Moreover, Collierville's community center hosts more than 40 recreational activties. Some of these activities include continuing education classes and several youth sports programs. For more information about these activities, please call 901-457-2770 during regular business hours.


Somerville TN homes and commercial properties are located near many interesting Fayette County and Memphis-area attractions. Some of these attractions include:
Moreover, home buyers who are interested in contacting one of our Somerville real estate agents will enjoy the stores, restaurants and landmarks that dot the area inside Memphis's Beale Street Historic District.


Somerville homes are located near many fun Fayette County-area events. Some of these events include:
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